Star founder, Michael Glynn

Star founder, Michael Glynn

Michael Glynn launched the Sydney Star newspaper in July 1979, saying it would be his contribution to “the building of the gay movement and the growth of gay consciousness”.

Glynn’s Star gathered together a colourful parade of narratives about gay life and sex, death and spirituality, community and rights, political power and street violence, love, family, morality and privacy.

Glynn published these narratives in the Star, articulating the swirl and colour, the noise and magic and smell of Sydney’s emerging gay scene. The effect on readers was transformative. Individuals became community members; and homosexual outsiders became sexual citizens with civil rights and responsibilities, political goals and spiritual dimensions.

In 2019, we celebrate 40 years of LGBTI story-telling. Preaching to the Perverted: The Life and Times of Michael Glynn, is one of these stories.

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